About Us

ORSTO LTD has been supporting Retailer Success for 10 years.
As a company we have unrivalled experience of developing new and innovative products and working closely as a UK/China development team. Due to our well publicised innovative product development work and our high profile Monte Carlo world championship boat race timing work, we were approached by more and more companies for help and advice to solve their product sourcing needs, hence our business model evolved into a successful international product sourcing company.
Trusted by leading brands and retailers around the world, ORSTO is the go-to global product sourcing specialist with reliable services carried out by experienced on-the-ground teams in the UK, Europe, China and USA, who live in each Country, speak the local language, understand the local culture, traditions, laws, business practices, limitations and strengths.
ORSTO is a one-stop, risk mitigating, solution for leading retailers and brands around the world and are proud of an excellent reputation for handling the complete process of sourcing products directly from factories, without risk to ORSTO clients.