Reliability and accuracy in demanding situations

When it comes to race timing and tracking in challenging and harsh conditions, organisers come to ORSTO Ltd who they know can be relied upon to provide equipment and support that will more than cover their complex and demanding requirements.


An example of a call for ORSTO™ services was by the organisers of the Solar Boat Racing World Championships.


This was the inaugural event and the first ever Offshore Solar Boat Racing World Championship event and the first event held at the ‘all new’ impressive and deservedly famous Monte Carlo Yacht Club’.


Together with all of the other industry experts that gathered to make another important piece of history in Monte Carlo July 2014, we were pleased that the Races were a big success.


We are proud to have contributed to laying the foundations of the structure of the Solar 1 series that will be used by the organisers, service providers and sponsors for all of the Solar Boat Racing World Championship offshore races in the future.


Note: Our pre-2016 logo was being used at this event.

The unique and innovative ORSTO X3 ‘full’ Android Smartwatch was created for the Solar 1 World Championships.


Each category winner was presented with an ORSTO X3 Smartwatch in a special bespoke carbon fibre and stainless steel presentation case.



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